Tennessee First Time Home Buyer Programs

Tennessee Down Payment Assistance

Great Choice Plus Down Payment Assistance Program

Are you concerned about saving for the down payment? The Tennesse Housing Development Housing offers down payment assistance for down payment and closing costs.

  • Up to 5% of the property price in assistance for down payment offered as an interest and payment free loan.
  • Entire state of Tennessee eligible
  • Seller can pay closing costs
  • 640 minimum credit score
  • 30-year low fixed rate mortgage
Chenoa Fund

Chenoa Down Payment Assistance Program

Chenoa offers help with down payment and closing costs.

  • Up to 3.5% assistance for down payment & closing costs offered as a 10 year second mortgage
  • Entire state of Tennessee eligible
  • 640 minimum credit score
  • Home Ready Program eligible
  • Lower mortgage insurance
Home Ready Loan Program

Home Ready Program

Fannie Mae conventional loan which makes buying a home more affordable for first time home buyers.

  • 3% Down Payment
  • Down Payment Assistance available
  • Flexible qualifying guidelines
  • 620 minimum credit score
  • Lower mortgage insurance
  • 30 year low fixed rate program
FHA Home Loans

FHA Loan

Government loan program which assists buyers to purchase a home with less-than-perfect credit.

  • 3.5% Down Payment
  • Down Payment Assistance Eligible
  • 580 minimum credit score
USDA Home Loan Program

USDA Home Loan

Program for first home buyers looking to buy a house in small town or rural area.

  • Zero Down Payment
  • 600 minimum credit score
  • Seller can pay closing costs
VA Home Loans

VA Loan

Government loan program which assists members of military to purchase a home.

  • Zero Down Payment
  • 550 minimum credit score
  • Low 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

Tennessee Real Estate Market

The median value of a home in Tennessee is about $171,000 and current appreciation rate is about 7% per year. The average rent is about $1,100 per month and you can buy a $171,000 home using HomeReady 3% Down Payment Program and your payment would be approximately $1,130* per month which is about the same as the average rent. Try our rent versus own calculator and you may find out buying a home is better than renting when you factor in home appreciation and paydown of principal on every loan payment.

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*171,000 purchase price, $5,130 down payment, $165,870 loan amount, HomeReady 30 year fixed loan paid in equal and consecutive monthly installment payments of $840.44 plus taxes and insurance, 4.50% rate(4.58% APR).