Rent Versus Buy Home Analysis
Type of Mortgage
Income Tax Rate
Annual Appreciation of Home
Down Payment
Estimated Purchase Price
Current Monthly Rent
Annual Rent
Renter's Insurance Annual Premium
Total Cost of Renting
Cost of Buying
Mortgage Amount
Interest Rate
Monthly Mortgage Payment
Annual Mortgage Payment
Annual Property Taxes
Annual Homeowner's Insurance
Annual Home Association Dues
Mortgage Insurance-PMI
Annual Maintenance
Total Cost of Buying
Less Adjustments:
Principal Reduction in Mortgage
Tax savings-Interest Deductions
Tax savings-Property Tax
Tax Savings-PMI
Total Adjustments
Annual After-Tax Cost of Buying
Annual Appreciation in Value of Home
Net Annual Cost of HomeOwnership
Yearly Savings Buying vs Renting
Additional Calculations
Enter Year(s) Owning Home
Value of home
Equity in home
Net Profit if you sell home
Sales Price
Real estate commission rate
Real estate commission 
Seller Closing Costs
Mortgage balance(s)
Net profit if you sell home
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