The Realtor Advantage

A Realtor Can Help You Answer These Questions

  • What is earnest money?
  • How much should you offer the seller?
  • What should you do if the seller turns down your offer?
  • How much should you ask the seller to pay toward closing costs?
  • What happens if home appraises lower than sale price?
  • How is the neighborhood and school district?
  • What does a home inspection cover?
  • Who pays for repairs on home inspection report?
  • How do you put in offer on a home?
  • Who pays for repairs on home inspection report?

If you can't answer these questions then you need to get a real estate agent.

First time home buyers should contact a real estate agent before conducting their home search. A buyer real estate agent represents you and they will send you property listings, show and find you a great home, and submit and negotiate your offer trying to get you the best deal.

You will not need to pay a buyer real estate a fee because they will get paid from the seller only if they find you a home and close the deal.

There are a lot of land mines to side-step when purchasing your first home and has built a network of Realtors who can save you from frustration and headaches by making the home buying process a more fun and less worrisome experience. Fill out the Perfect Home Finder Form and a Realtor will contact you shortly to assist you in your home search.