Top of Homeownership Mountain

How Bad Do You Want To Own Home?

Rising home prices, low inventory of homes on the market, excessive student loan debt, and no funds for down payment because you are paying too much for rent are some of the reasons people give for not buying a home. The question you need to ask yourself is how bad do you want to be a homeowner?

My website addresses obstacles faced by potential homebuyers and action plans to overcome these barriers but it seems like some people are giving up on the American Dream.

I know buying a home seems like climbing a mountain these days but you must be willing to do the work such as fixing your credit, consolidating student loans to lower your pyament, or paying off debt to qualify for the first time home buyer program. Also, you need to provide all the documents and information we need so you can help us help you get get approved for the program.

I am telling you that is not going to get any easier tomorrow. Rents are rising and renters are paying 30%, 40%, and even 50% or more toward rent and stuck in the rent trap. Home prices are rising and interest may go up soon so your payment may be much higher later even if you sock away a lot of money for a down payment.

You may be somebody who is fortunate enough to live in your parent’s house for free but seriously how long can that last? The time is now! Don’t regret missing the opportunity to own a home.

Call us today at 847-721-4865 or fill out the short pre-approval application and we will help you climb to the top of the homeownership mountain.