Interactive Mortgage Rates & Closing Costs
Choose Program Type
Purchase Price
Down Payment
Loan Amount
Interest Rate
Principal and Interest
Real Estate Taxes
Mortgage Insurance
Home Insurance
Condo Association Dues
Total Payment
Closing Costs  
Lender Fees
Go to Timios website and input information to retrieve title costs via email
Lender's Title Insurance
Retrieve figure from Timios website closing cost quote
Owner's Title Insurance 
Retrieve figure from Timios website closing cost quote
Recording Fees
Retrieve number from Timios website closing cost quote
Transfer Taxes
Per Diem Interest
Property Tax Escrows
1 Year Paid Home Insurance
Calculate Cost of Points  
Loan Amount
Total Closing Cost w/Points
Break-Even with Points  
Payment Savings 1/8th Lower Rate
Enter Rate Reduction Factor
(See Key Below for Factor)  
Difference in Monthly Payment
This is how long it would take to recoup cost of points + closing costs
Assume 28% tax bracket
Months to Break Even
.125% lower rate=1  
just add 1 for each add 1/8th  
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This worksheet is a tool only and does not constitue a loan estimate