Credit Scoring

Buying your first home? You must check your credit score!
Ensuring the accuracy of your credit score could save you time and money. To qualify for the best home loan rates possible, be sure to correct possible inaccuracies before they interfere with your home buying plans.

What's Your Credit Score?

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Credit Score is King!

First time home buyers must run their own credit report with 3 scores to get an idea if they may qualify for the best programs. Do not let everybody run your credit because it will lower your score. Also, you should submit a pre-approval application to at least one mortgage lender to find out the 3 mortgage credit report scores because the mortgage credit may be different than the one you obtain online. The middle score is the most important factor for loan qualifications and it is determined by dropping the low and high scores. For example, if you have credit scores of 600,640,650, the middle score is 640. You do not average the 3 scores.


A 620 credit score is the minimum score you can have to qualify for the first time home buyer program. There are many people whose credit scores are in the low to mid 500 range who need to work on their credit and they should be able to buy within 6 months to one year.

Finally, I had bad credit 25 years ago with a 400 score, Ouch!, but I worked hard at fixing my credit and I improved my credit score to 720+ in recent years and now I have a great mortgage rate and low loan payment on a beautiful new home. Contact us at 847-516-5743 or email for more information on credit scoring.

Build Your Credit History

Get Started and Add Your Rent Payments To Your Credit ReportĀ 

You can add up to two years of past rent payments to your Credit Report and build credit moving forward. We’ll validate your past rental history and verify all your future rent payments until your lease is complete. Get started today and join our nation-wide community of renters who are building their credit score with rent.