Wake Up Call

September 23, 2015

Wake Up Call For First Time Home Buyers

If you want to lose weight then you diet, if you want to quit smoking you smoke an electronic cigarette, if you want to change your career then you go back to school, so if you want to purchase your first home then you need to educate yourself and be proactive in the home buying process from day one. First time home buyers need to stop blaming lenders and loan officers for credit issues, unstable job histories or employment gaps, life circumstances, etc. The fact of the matter is that the banks don't want to freely give away money these days. The guidelines are much stricter and loans are tougher to process and close.

The good news is that you can take steps to qualify for a loan now so you can buy your first home in the next couple months, year, decade, or however long it takes to become a homeowner if that is your dream. The first thing you must do is obtain your credit report with scores and this is just a starting point in getting qualified for a home loan. You must contact a loan officer to walk you through the steps of buying a home which credit is a big part of the equation but not the only factor in qualifying for the first time home buyer program. I have people who contact me who feel that they shouldn't have to do anything to qualify for a home loan and one person told me that credit should not matter when getting a mortgage...really?

Firsthomebuyers.net offers you the tools such as calculators for figuring out a budget, calculating a mortgage payment, running some rent versus own scenarios to see if homeownership is right for you. Also, you can download 'Ultimate First Time Home Buyer Guide' which spells out what steps you need to own a home.

Today, times are tough there are people who have nowhere to live, no job, no family, nothing to eat, and yet, I have run into some of these people along the journey of my life and some of them are just grateful to be alive. You must make a decision to fight and go after what you want in life and do whatever it takes to get there and it won't be easy. Even, if you can't buy a home today then you need to take the first steps in that direction so that someday you will be a homeowner. The opportunity of a lifetime lies before you and you need to ask yourself..what I am going to do about it?