USDA Versus FHA Loan Program

March 14, 2017

USDA Versu FHA Program

Both the USDA loan and FHA loan are great programs are great zero to low down payment options for first time home buyers. Furthermore, USDA and FHA loans have flexible qualifying guidelines ....

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Searching For A Few Serious First Home Buyers

August 22, 2016

Search For First Home Buyers

If you want to buy a home next year you need to start now. I am looking for a few serious home buyers who are willing to do whatever it takes to become a homeowner. Over the course of the year I have had so called “serious” buyers make a haphazard attempt to purchase a home....

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Get A "REAL" Pre-Approval Letter with BridgeQual Program

June 17, 2016

BridgeQual PreApproval Program

Today, you want to make sure you are pre-approved not just pre-qualified to buy your first home. Most lenders take an application from you and look at your situation and basically, give you a thumps up without collecting all the necessary documentation and information. Furthermore,....

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How Bad Do You Want To Own A Home?

March 17, 2016

Climb to top of homeownership mountain

Rising home prices, low inventory of homes on the market, excessive student loan debt, and no funds for down payment because you are paying too much for rent are some of the reasons people give for not buying a home. The question you need to ask yourself is how bad do you want to be a homeowner?....

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My First Home Buying Experience

February 1, 2016

My First Home

Over 25 years I embarked on my first home buying journey. First of all, I had terrible credit but I was determined to take action and improve my credit to achieve my dream to own a home....

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HomeReady Action Plan Helps You Achieve The Dream Of Owning A Home

January 26, 2016
HomeReady Action Plan

You are not sure if you qualify for the FirstHomeBuyers Program? Take the HomeBuyer Readiness Quiz to determine if you are ready to buy a home....

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Home Loan Documents Checklist

January 18, 2016
Dcouments checklist

Today, there is much more documentation required to process a home loan and you need to gather your loan documents as soon in the process as possible to make life easier....

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Is Owning A Home Better Than Renting?

December 7, 2015
Dcouments checklist


  1. Lower Payment-Your current rent may be lower than a mortgage payment on a home but rents are starting to skyrocket across the country. Also, you may be able to afford a higher mortgage payment....

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Home Buying Process

November 17, 2015
Home Buying Process Infographic

First of all you need to make a decision you want to live the American Dream of being a homeowner. Yes, there is responsibility in owning a home like cutting your own grass, shoveling snow, maintaining mechanicals such as furnace and air conditioning units, and other maintenance upkeep but I am grateful every day that I have a beautiful home and loving family who supports me day in and day out....

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How To Buy A House With Zero To Little Money Out Of Pocket

November 7, 2015
Cash on hand

USDA Rural (small town) and VA Military home loans offer 100% financing and the seller can pay for most or all of the closing costs. Also, there are some programs which require little money down such as FHA and Fannie Mae Conventional loans such as the HomeReady Program.....

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