Good Neighbor Next Door Program

September 13, 2015
Good Neighbor Next Door

Teachers, Firefighters, Police Officers, Emergency Medical Technicians, and other Law Enforcement officers of government may be eligible to purchase a home in an eligible area at a 50% discount. The Department of Housing and Urban Development(HUD) requires that you live in the home as your primary residence for 3 years. HUD will hold a second mortgage for the discount amount and no interest or payments are due during the 3 year occupancy period but if you move before 3 years you will need to pay back the 50% discount amount with interest. Otherwise, if you live in home 3 years then no payments are due and the loan is forgiven. The minimum credit score for the program is 660 and Conventional, FHA, and VA loans are eligible. If you utilize the FHA loan program then there is a $100 down payment and you can finance closing costs. So if you are a teacher, firefighter, EMT, or law enforcement officer then you can contribute to the revitilization of America while becoming homeowners. Please contact us or 847-516-5743 for more information on this program or email