Get A "REAL" Preapproval Letter With The BridgeQual Program

June 17, 2016

BridgeQual PreApproval

Today, you want to make sure you are pre-approved not just pre-qualified to buy your first home. Most lenders take an application from you and look at your situation and basically, give you a thumps up without collecting all the necessary documentation and information. Furthermore, they tell you that you can look for a house up to a certain price but you may not be qualified because some factor changed like the property taxes being higher than what the lender estimated for your pre-approval. Next, you put in an offer on a home you love but your loan gets rejected because of the higher property taxes and your dreams are shattered in a moment’s notice.

FirstHomeBuyers is now offering the BridgeQual Program which is a “True” pre-approval. We collect all the necessary documentation and information to issue you a pre-approval letter which will give you the confidence that you can purchase a home you are interested in. This program takes into account the unique factors like property taxes, interest rate, and home insurance on a specific property before issuing a pre-approval letter to the home buyer. Our process saves you from the heartache and frustration of being denied the opportunity to purchase the home of your dreams.

The first step is to complete the full application so we can run your credit report so we make sure your credit score meets the requirement for the first time home buyer program. Next, we will collect some paystubs and tax returns with W2 forms, bank statements, and all the other information and documentation which is required to submit to underwriting and issue a pre-approval. Once, you are pre-approved for the program then you are ready to go shop for a home. Once you find a home then the property taxes, current interest rate, home insurance, and other important information are put into BridgeQual and the system will tell you immediately if you are qualified to purchase this home. Now, you are able to print out a pre-approval letter, put an offer in, and once accepted by the seller then we can process your loan, get your loan approved, and you can move into your new home.

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